Participants will discover a DEFT approach that is shame-sensitive, compassion centered, attachment oriented, intersubjective, relational psychodynamic, experiential, spiritually integrated, somatic and emotion-focused.

A comprehensive curriculum includes:

•     Shame sensitive and compassionate work with all barriers to treatment

•     Tools to effectively uncover unconscious emotion and internal conflicts

•     How to track emotions and their somatic manifestations

•     Addressing cultural, racial, gender, and spiritual factors

•     Building tolerance for affect

•     Activating an intrapsychic focus and therapeutic alliance

•     Tailoring interventions for a spectrum of psychopathology

•     Healing through the therapeutic relationship

•     Countertransference and training issues

Video analysis, lecture, and interactive discussion address how to create a therapeutic alliance to engage in a mutual, moment-to-moment tracking of the client's internal process and the quality of the therapeutic relationship. Therapists will learn shame-sensitive interventions to transcend toxic forms of shame, anxiety, guilt, and self-protective strategies (SAGSS). The therapist will also learn to help their clients to access and make meaning of unconscious affect and to overcome the barriers to awareness of themselves and the actualization of their goals.

This ongoing training program is offered in 10-session blocks (see policy agreement for details). The DEFT Training serves therapists at all levels of development who have an excitement for advanced learning. It is a requirement that all new participants have exposure to either the DEFT approach or a closely related approach through an approved seminar or event. Participants will study work with a broad spectrum of psychoneurosis. Peer study groups may be available. The ongoing training program can be started at any point, with a 10-session commitment. The total cost is $1,950 payable at the start of training or with a payment plan in cases of financial necessity. Payments are due according to a predetermined schedule, regardless of missed sessions. The financial agreement is final and non-refundable.



This series includes 5 3-hour webinars recorded in Susan Warshow's ongoing training program and features clinical material from Susan's extensive video library showing work with a wide spectrum of psychological issues and attachment disorders. Responses to treatment are verbalized by the clients themselves.

Registration: To access webinars and for more information, contat us: or (310) 403-3540.

Fees: Broadcasts are offered in blocks of 5 and pre-payment of $799.00 is requested. In cases of true financial necessity, installments can be discussed.

Comments By Clinicians About the Training

“Susan Warren is a gifted therapist - with superb clinical skills and the warmth and flexibility to tailor them to the needs of any given patient. ...I've heard nothing but raves from her students. I have always been impressed with Susan's profound empathy for both patient and therapist, which surely helps her create an open learning environment.”

Patricia Coughlin (Della Selva), Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Former faculty Northwestern University Medical School and Albany Medical School

Author: Intensive Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique

Co-author with Dr. David Malan: Lives Transformed

"Susan Warren Warshow is a highly skilled therapist and an excellent teacher. With patient and student alike, she deftly and precisely identifies and targets key factors as the first step in swiftly, adroitly, and compassionately resolving critical issues. If you are interested in improving your personal and professional work, take Susan's seminar."

Bruce W. Spring, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

University of Southern California School of Medicine

"I thought the training was so clear and so good. You have this very clear way of analyzing and being very humble. I can't think of anything you could have improved upon. I learned a lot in just one meeting. This is amazing work and I'm so excited about it. You made it so comfortable for me, the least experienced person in the group."

Debra King, M.A.

Training Group Participant

"It was so, so wonderful. The word that was running through my mind yesterday when I left, it's just so user-friendly. It was great. I think you are so in your element. I think you're a natural teacher of this stuff and it is so apparent to me how well you have integrated this style of working. It's just really inspiring. I don't have any constructive criticism at all. It's only positive, Susan, what can I tell you? I'm just loving it and I can't wait to come next week!"

Jill Klepetar, LCSW

Training Group Participant

“Great course! Her clear demonstration of how to identify, track and turn rigid defenses into enemies of the patient, shown through videotapes of her own sessions is invaluable. I was impressed with her skill both at teaching and applying this technique in such a positive and respectful way."

Jean Ball, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, California Graduate Institute

Adjunct Professor, California State University at Northridge

Training Group Participant

"The graduate social work program at USC provides a robust clinical curriculum. Yet the 10 workshops I took over the past two years with Susan Warren-Warshow were as valuable as any course at USC. With Susan, I acquired hands-on, practical skills grounded in theory from a master clinician and exceptional teacher--and it made my field practicum experience over the past two years all the more rewarding. I'd recommend any graduate student serious about practicing psychodynamic psychotherapy spend time with Susan."

Josh Peter, MSW

Training Group Participant

"What I have gotten from this training: effective therapeutic skills learned with a compassionate, and insightful therapist: establishing a therapeutic alliance, clarification of goals for therapy, use of skillfull interventions to help patient meet goals, and identification of defenses that get in the way. The work that I am doing with my patients is deeper and more satisfying to them."

Marlene der Sarkissian, MFT

Training Group Participant

"This training was a good opportunity to observe extensive videotaped sessions by a master psychotherapist. I felt both inspired and touched by the humane and rigorous approach demonstrated by Susan Warren Warshow. Particularly valuable was the demonstration of work with narcissism, which is not often the subject of training on experiential psychotherapy methods. The sessions we viewed demonstrated the deeply transformative potential of this approach for clients who use grandiosity or devaluation to defend against unconscious feelings of emptiness."

Bryce Way McDavitt

Conference Attendee

"I never cease to be amazed by Susan's ability to reach seasoned therapist and new therapist alike---as well as those professionals who are fully committed to accelerated, emotion focused psychotherapy and those who are primarily interested in incorporating effective, emotion focused interventions into whatever model of therapy they practice. I've seen her present on several occasions and the power of her work and her faith in what she does (and those she does it with) impresses and inspires her audiences every time---regardless of their level of experience, education or interest."

Bridget Quebodeaux, MFT

Training Group Participant

Additional Trainee Comments:

"The training was passionate and thought provoking with a lot of substance."

"Thank you for providing this INVALUABLE learning."

"A very rich experience of therapeutic process."


•  Tremendous variety of session recordings

•  Newly created lectures and video analysis each time!

•  Non-shaming teaching

•  Deactivates idealization of instructors

•  Shame-sensitive skills used with imagination and intuition

•  Focuses on the client's AND therapist's internal experience