Upcoming Webinar:  

Surmount Shame and Disarm Defense with DEFT (Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy)


Date: 30th October 2021

Location: Live via Zoom

Time: 4:00pm – 11:00pm GMT (+1) /

11:00am – 6:00pm EDT / 8:00am – 3:00pm PDT

CPD/CE credits: 6

Speaker: Susan Warshow

Price: $130 USD/£99 GBP

When a client feels hopeless, it can be contagious. This teletherapy video analysis will show a course of treatment with a talented man who often languished in bed, paralyzed with chronic depression. His negative ruminations about existential matters could easily pull both therapist and client into an abyss. He had loathed himself since he was a child.

Susan Warren Warshow will introduce a three-step, robust framework, The Healing Triad, to orient therapists to intervene effectively when the winds of resistance, forces of shame and anxiety arise.

At the heart of DEFT is the intuitive creation of an authentic, compassionate emotionally intimate attachment relationship. This presentation will illustrate and reflect upon the elements that create profound interpersonal connection.

The presenter will focus on shame as the gatekeeper in psychotherapy. Creating safety is paramount to therapeutic movement, which often involves the use of shame-sensitive language, timely and accurate attunement (verbal and non-verbal), and the therapist's ability to generate self-compassion.

The “therapeutic transfer of compassion for self” is an intersubjective process. Therapists can be challenged to find compassion within them when frustration occurs, and clients often must enter new and threatening territory to allow self-compassion to take root. This “transfer” is a key element in awakening the will to risk greater closeness.