I continue to be grateful for our time together this week. You are such a lovely group of people and have created a warm and inviting environment. Thank you for sharing it with me.

I've included my notes for the presentation below and the slides can be downloaded here. I'm including notes for all of the slides (not only the ones we didn't have time to cover) so that those who were not in attendance can still get the information.

The video with Susan Warren Warshow at the top of this page demonstrates the DEFT concept, "Therapeutic Transfer of Compassion for Self." Other free videos can be accessed here.

I planned to talk about therapist effects at the end of my presentation and I want to share with you a workbook I created for my clients. Therapists have said they find it useful in expanding their own emotional flexibility. Here is a link if you want to check it out.

Information on our training program and webinar series follows. Please know that payment plans are available and we never want anyone not to have access to the training strictly because of financial reasons. If you are interested in the training and this is the case, please talk to us. Email: admin@deftinstitute.com or call Bridget: 310.403.3540.