Sentio Webinar: Deliberate Practice for DEFT

Beginner Level: Feb 17th

Intermediate/Advanced: Feb 24th

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST


Want to learn how to detoxify shame, anxiety and guilt and catalyze compassion for self?

In Dynamic Experiential Focused Therapy (DEFT), a deeply engaged therapist uses compassion centered, shame-sensitive interventions to help mobilize a therapeutic partnership that focuses intently on moment-to-moment internal and relational phenomena and mutually seeks to disarm self-protective process. This allows the true, capable, and ever-expansive self to emerge.

In this webinar, experts in DEFT and deliberate practice will join forces to help attendees on their path towards mastery of DEFT skills. Included in this webinar:

•   A list of key DEFT skills

•   A sample DP exercise you can use solo or with a partner

•   A therapist’s personal journey learning DEFT

About the Presenters:

Susan Warren Warshow, LCSW, LMFT is the founder of the Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy (DEFT) Institute, which offers an ongoing training program and webinar series for psychotherapists.. She authored A Therapist’s Handbook to Dissolve Shame and Defense: Master the Moment, and her next book, The Practice of Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy: A Shame Sensitive Workbook, will be released by Routledge. She is a Certified IEDTA Teacher/Supervisor.

Bridget Quebodeaux, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Feldenkrais practitioner and the DEFT Institute Training Program Coordinator. She has a private practice in West Los Angeles and has been working with people who suffer from chronic illnesses and unexplained pain as well as presenting to groups on topics related to movement, mindfulness and mental health since 1998.

Tony Rousmaniere, PsyD, is the Executive Director of the Sentio Counseling Center

Dissolve Shame to Bypass Treatment Barriers

Stream on Demand: R. Cassidy Seminars

Shame expert, Susan Warren Warshow, creator of Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy (DEFT), presents a video analysis of a treatment with a depressed man over a 9-month period. This is a recording of a 4-part webinar series and includes lecture, SESSION RECORDINGS & ANALYSIS, and Q&A with webinar participants.

Surmount Shame and Disarm Defense with DEFT

Stream On Demand: Essential Therapy Training

When a client feels hopeless, it can be contagious. Susan Warren Warshow will introduce a three-step, robust framework, The Healing Triad, to orient therapists to intervene effectively when the winds of resistance, forces of shame and anxiety arise. Includes lecture, SESSION RECORDINGS & ANALYSIS.

4-Part Series: Dissolve Shame and Defense

Stream on Demand: Essential Therapy Training

Therapists often wonder how theory translates into practice. In this 4-part webinar series, shame expert Susan Warren Warshow explores familiar and formidable challenges as they present themselves in recorded sessions with real clients. She discusses and demonstrates her “shame-sensitive” approach to transcending the significant barriers to therapeutic healing, namely Shame, Anxiety, Guilt, and Self-protective Strategies (SAGSS). The therapist’s recognition of these obstacles does little good unless the client shares this awareness. This transformative approach allows clients to see how their trauma-based conflicts undermine their goals and create their symptoms, bringing unconscious material to consciousness.

The series will cover the following topics:

          Igniting a Partnership for Change

          Transcending Shame

          Disarming Defenses DEFTly

          When Feelings Frozen by Trauma Emerge