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Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy (DEFT)

"The stunning chambered nautilus, existing for 500 million years, is the inspirational logo for Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy, signifying each individual's personal Journey to the Core.* The DEFT therapist learns transformational  interventions to help clients move ever inwards, beyond protective barriers, towards their deepest emotional truths and the very origins of their developing selves. As toxic forms of anxiety, shame, guilt and defense are transcended, doors open to the joy of intimate connection to self and others.”
Susan Warren Warshow, Developer of DEFT
Watch an Introduction to DEFT with Susan Warren Warshow.
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 Listen to Susan on the Dr. Kim Taylor Radio Show! 

Susan answers these questions and more: What is shame? What are some common triggers for shame? How do to the two genders experience shame differently? How do we recognize shame in ourselves and others? How do we reduce shame in ourselves and others?

Click on the image below to access a recording of the interview.

DEFT Institute Mission 

  • Teaching therapists to enable transformational shifts within the self through depth emotion processing and integration
  • Valuing the therapist’s relational stance as much as our skill set, e.g. kindness, respectfulness, tenderness, a collaborative spirit requiring humility, vulnerability, self-reflection and authenticity.
  • Counteracting shame that is often activated during training and the quest for mastery. Shame sensitivity in all therapeutic interventions is paramount.
  • Conveying compassion through body language, prosody, phraseology, facial expression and personal presence during training and in session. 
  • Communicating in a manner that is clear, immediately applicable and user-friendly during training and in session.
  • Nurturing the growth of a vibrant professional community


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find  all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

*Title of Susan Warren Warshow's upcoming book.

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